Strategic Real Estate Services

Strategic Real Estate Services for Successful Portfolio Management

Real estate planning may appear to be fairly straightforward at first, but the truth is, it’s a complex and ever-evolving landscape. Business needs will inevitably change over time and strategic real estate management involves a lot of different dimensions for different stakeholders. Translating the visions of numerous stakeholders into an aligned solution requires a collaborative and strategic approach. As the world continues to transition away from more traditional business operating models and shift towards more flexible solutions, such as co-working spaces or remote work options, your real estate plan will need to change too. At Lavoro Consulting, we’re here to provide strategic real estate services so that every property you lease, buy, or sell meets the long-term financial and operational goals of your business.

Stakeholder Collaboration

When people participate in decision-making or planning that is going to affect their work, they’re going to feel a higher degree of ownership and commitment to that work. Involving stakeholders in your corporate real estate plan generates better outcomes. At Lavoro, we work with your stakeholders to involve them in the strategic planning process so your organization is unified in your desired outcome. We’ll bring all parties to the table and lead discussions about any changing or future needs for your business so that every party is on the same page with a shared vision.

Portfolio Strategy and Management

Managing offices across diverse geographical areas can be challenging, even for experienced professionals. The ability to create cost and operational synergies across your company’s portfolio often requires real estate expertise you may not be able to house internally. That’s where we come in. At Lavoro, our goal is to put your properties in the best financial position and offer strategic, pragmatic solutions so you can feel confident in every real estate transaction you make.

Scenario Analysis

As part of our portfolio management services, we’ll conduct a number of scenario analyses so that you can accurately measure risk when evaluating a potential commercial real estate investment. We’ll consider worse-case scenarios, most-likely case scenarios, and best-case scenarios so you can make data-driven decisions for your business.

Space Needs/Management/Planning

Commercial leases are almost always long-term leases. Before we even start the search for your next commercial space, we’ll help you accurately identify your company’s space needs—which could be different than what you initially think.

Restack Management

When a company’s lease is almost up, leadership must answer a tricky question: should we re-sign and stay or should we go to a new space? If you like where you currently are, but your office needs a facelift, a restack is always a great way to revitalize your space. At Lavoro, we can assist with all aspects of your office restack so your team experiences minimal disruption and a smooth transition, all while getting the most out of every square foot of your space.

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If your business or organization needs assistance creating a successful strategic real estate plan, reach out to us today at Lavoro Consulting. We are here to function as an extension of your team and ensure your real estate decisions positively impact your bottom line and contribute to the overall success of your business.

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