Facilities Management Services

Quality Corporate Facilities Management Services

A facility that operates efficiently and effectively increases employee productivity and wellbeing. But creating that type of environment can be challenging. Often, it takes a dynamic team effort to foster that environment, but not every organization has the time or resources to focus on facilities management. That’s where we come in. At Lavoro Consulting, we are proud to offer facilities management services for small- to medium-sized businesses with corporate and field offices.

On-Demand, Customizable, Consultative Facilities Management Services

Businesses often face a long list of challenges when trying to make the most out of their facility’s spend. At Lavoro Consulting, we are here to help streamline and simplify time-consuming and complicated facilities management projects. Among our services, we are proud to help manage:

Contract Negotiations and Vendor Management

We’ll help source vendors, negotiate a contract that best benefits you, and manage ongoing relationships with those vendors. Whether it’s security, IT, AV, janitorial, mail, reception, landscaping, or signage vendors, our team will find the right fit for your needs, at the right price.

This can save you thousands of dollars every year. And we’ll do our due diligence and ensure these vendors offer top-notch customer service so that you can rest easy knowing if anything goes wrong, they’ll be quick to respond and find a solution.

Facilities Budget Development and Management

Facility management is often one of the biggest expenses businesses have. The last thing you want is to go over an already large budget. At Lavoro, we’ll help create a comprehensive budget strategy that makes sense for your company and help you adhere to it or make adjustments if necessary.

Landlord and Property Manager Liaison

Maintaining open and regular contact with your landlord or property manager is often key to ensuring maintenance and building upkeep projects get taken care of in a timely manner. But submitting maintenance reports and needing to keep in close contact with a landlord takes time. We’ll handle all of that for you. As your trusted point of contact, we’ll ensure all facility-related projects remain on target and on time.

Excess Furniture and Reconfigure

Whether you recently moved offices or you’re redesigning your current space, you may have overestimated how much furniture you’ll need. If you have, we’ll help manage any excess so your space doesn’t feel overcrowded or cluttered.

And if your current configuration just doesn’t feel quite right, we’ll help you figure out the right configuration! At Lavoro, our goal is always to make your space work for you. And with more than 20 years of interior design experience, we know a trick or two about how to best layout an office or workspace.

Work with Lavoro Consulting for Quality Facilities Management Services

A well-run facility is key to success in today’s fast-paced world of business. But keeping up with all the moving parts and vendor relationships that are needed to make that happen can be exhausting. If you’re looking for a quality facility management company, look no further than Lavoro Consulting.

We have more than 20 years of industry experience, and we’re experts in contract negotiations, vendor management, and budgeting. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more.