Top 7 Office Design Trends of 2021

Sunday, 30 May 2021 09:38
COVID-19 has revolutionized the way we work. While many people continue to work from home, others have returned to the office, and some split their time between the two. As a result, architects and interior designers across the country have had to reimagine how the office will look—and operate—in a post-COVID world. Here are seven office design trends of 2021 that help create a healthy, happy, and safe space that enhances productivity.
So, you want to design an office. That’s great! Office design has a huge impact on employee productivity and overall wellbeing. Your communal workspace can either inspire efficient habits or distract employees on a daily basis. Whether you're redesigning a current office space or moving into a new one, here are five tips for maximizing employee productivity in your office design.
In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, companies are constantly trying to balance the development of internal resources against outsourcing services. Whether or not a company can employ a facilities management team depends on a variety of factors, including their budget, operational needs, and the size and trajectory of the company, among other things. Now more than ever, CEOs and senior execs are realizing that a well-maintained building enables their employees to operate more efficiently. But that begs the question: can you manage a building on your own or should you start vetting facility management companies?