Step-By-Step Office Relocation Action Plan

Tuesday, 09 November 2021 14:09
If you’re planning on moving to a new office, whether that be for more space or a new location, it's important to have a solid relocation plan in place. Just like moving to a new home, there are several factors involved. Depending on the size of your business, it can take a few months of planning to ensure a smooth process. Follow this step-by-step office relocation action plan to avoid any holes in your production process over the duration of the move.

Modern Home Office Design Trends in 2021

Friday, 29 October 2021 11:09
At Lavoro Consulting we work with companies who are still adjusting to the new norm of hybrid work life. We’ve consulted not only on office fit-outs for business field offices, but also on how to set their work-from-home employees up for success. Learn some of the expert advice we share with employers — If you’re an employee that works from home, you may benefit from our list of home office design trends in 2021!
If you're an industrial company that leases space or is looking to lease space in the United States, you would likely benefit from industrial tenant representation. We understand that your bottom line is one of your top priorities. That’s why it's important to align your commercial real estate transactions with your business strategy, financial goals and operational objectives as a tenant. What is an industrial tenant rep? Industrial tenant reps advise warehouse, distribution and manufacturing tenants in their search for suitable business locations, as well as current tenants considering a lease renewal, an expansion, or a move to a new…