Thursday, 15 April 2021 11:11

Benefits of Outsourcing a CRE Leasing Administration Manager

A company’s real estate portfolio is often one of its biggest expenses. Leasing out office space isn’t cheap, no matter where you operate. To save money and cut down on costs, many companies try to have internal staff manage their real estate holdings. While this may be a realistic option if you operate in only a few locations, any more than that and it can quickly become too difficult to manage. Not to mention, CRE management takes time away from your employee’s primary responsibilities and can significantly disrupt their daily work. Outsourcing those responsibilities to a commercial real estate leasing administration manager can offer many benefits for your business.

What does outsourcing really mean? Well, here at Lavoro Consulting, we essentially act as an extension of your team. That way, your employees can focus on their core tasks and leave the leasing responsibilities and projects to the professionals.

Benefits of working with a leasing administration manager

Monitor critical dates

Whether you need support managing 10 leases or 100 leases, we’re here to help track critical dates for each and every lease to ensure that your team is informed of key dates at the appropriate times. That way, you have enough time to make strategic decisions that align with your overall real estate strategy.

This includes monitoring dates for expiring licenses, lease renewals, insurance policy coverage dates, rent changes, and anything else that may require action.

Complete occupancy cost analysis

One of the best ways to control costs is by analyzing occupancy costs. As part of our occupancy costs analysis services, we’ll take the time to provide an in-depth analysis of rent, reimbursements, one-time costs, average operating costs, and more to help reduce and drive down your total occupancy costs.

Operating and CAM review

No matter what type of lease your business has, you most likely have to reimburse your landlord for your operating costs (e.g., utilities, janitorial expenses, etc.). To cut down on costs, we’ll review operating expense estimates compared with your actual expenses as well as CAM reconciliations to ensure you’re not paying too much.

Assistance with lease amendments and renewals

Lease renewals are an important part of our leasing administration services here at Lavoro Consulting. If your current lease is no longer serving you, we can add amendments to the lease that can adjust the leasing space, shorten or extend the terms, and make modifications to the space itself.

Lease restructuring

Restructuring a lease is a fantastic way to make an office space better serve you. And with more and more Americans getting vaccinated, many companies are slowly returning to in-office work. Still, many businesses have different needs than they did pre-pandemic. If you had to downsize, are shifting to more remote work, or even need to “swap” to a more fitting space for your company, Lavoro is here to help restructure your lease to meet your post-pandemic needs.

Work with a top leasing administration manager today

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