Thursday, 31 March 2022 11:18

The Most Efficient Tools That Any Workspace Must Have

Nowadays, “workspace” has several different meanings. The traditional office setting is not so much the norm as it once was for American workers. It’s essential to know which tools are must-haves in a workspace as remote opportunities are taking job boards by storm. While current office design trends are challenging the norm, there are still a few staple tools that transcend any type of working environment.

In this article, we will highlight the most efficient tools you should have in your workspace, whatever that may look like, to stay productive and accomplish your to-do list.

Office Design Trends and Tools for Any Workspace

Productive Workspace

There are a few staple items and tools when it comes to staying organized and productive throughout the workweek. These include:

  • Office supplies - Notepads, pens, folders, etc.
  • Power strips - To keep all your digital assets organized and charged
  • Good lighting - Natural lighting or a nearby lamp
  • Storage space or an organizational system - Digital or physical depending on your work needs

Once you’ve got the basics, you can lean into a variety of office design trends that can benefit your space. It’s best to customize your space with the tools that you find to be most helpful. These tools may include ergonomic chairs, coffee stations, or giant whiteboards.

Collaborative Suites

A fundamental piece of any digital workplace is a collaborative suite that allows you to work independently and collaboratively simultaneously. Microsoft tools like Word, Excel, Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive offer significant advantages. Just to name a few, these tools allow you to:

  • Manage your data
  • Execute critical business functions
  • Organize activities holistically across the organization
  • And prepare for the new digital era

These collaborative suites will help you stay connected with your team, no matter your location.

Project Management Tools

Working remotely or away from your team can change the dynamic of how projects are completed. There are several digital platforms available that make it easy to track the progress of your projects with your team so everyone can be on the same page.

To boost the adoption of project management tools, you can set up custom email alerts or notifications whenever there is a change in project status, a team member completes a task or help is requested. Sharing documents within the tool allows you to address complicated workflows and tasks with several people in an instant, without having to go through your mailbox or organize lengthy meetings.

Organization Tools

Office design trends are always changing. But office organization is a top priority for an efficient and productive workday.

Creating an organized digital landscape for your work will benefit day-to-day operations. Physical tools and resources like whiteboards, physical calendars, and binders can help you stay on top of your tasks as well.

At Lavoro Consulting, we offer fit-out services to help you get equipped with the top tools for productivity in the digital era.

Other Office Design Trends

No matter where you work, there are a few design trends you’ll want to include in your everyday work to stay productive. These are just a few of the tools you can add to your workspace to make it work for you:

  • Personalized Furniture
  • Aesthetic Décor
  • Pleasant Lighting
  • Connection with the Outdoors

Learn More About the Top Office Design Trends of 2022

Whether you’re moving into a new office space or refreshing your current one, it’s important to keep up with the most recent office design trends. If you need assistance with an office redesign or fit-out, reach out to us today at Lavoro Consulting.

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