Wednesday, 27 April 2022 13:47

Creating Culture in a Hybrid Environment Isn't Just HR's Job

The ever-changing work environment of today calls for a contemporary approach to workplace culture. In the age of hybrid work, organizations need to find ways to connect their teams in new ways. With differing schedules and largely remote day-to-day operations, managers have to turn to digital forms of connection. There are several digital tools that can be used to connect and engage employees. With commercial fit-out services, your office – physical or digital – will have everything the team needs to form a collaborative culture.

Fit-out Services for the Hybrid Environment

Why is Culture Important?

Feeling connected to the work you do has always been important. Research on the impact the pandemic is having on how we work found workers are feeling more anxious (37%), isolated (31%), overwhelmed (28%), and less motivated (24%) since the start of the pandemic. What’s causing this strain? By an overwhelming margin, 59% of those surveyed cited “less human connection” as the culprit. So, if hybrid work environments are really here to stay, fostering a culture of connection is no longer optional.

This feeling of belonging has become challenged over the past two years as we’ve shifted away from in-person interactions and found ourselves relying on video calls and screen activities to stay connected.

Work is not just a vehicle for productivity. It is a daily opportunity to have meaningful connections with others, which can enhance our overall experience of life.

Digital Tools for Connection

Culture isn’t just about snacks and lunches. It takes more to foster a connection between a company and its employees. It takes mindfulness, clear intentions, and rethinking how your employees work together to bring that desired culture into reality. That being said, it is possible to create a strong culture in a remote environment with the right tools and resources.

Digital tools that encourage communication between employees are at the forefront of this connection conversation. While Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams may be used during the workday, they can also be used to promote connection. Through strategic planning and fit-out services, you can offer your employees a chance to not just do their job, but be a part of their job.

How to Use Digital Tools to Build a Culture

In offices, culture can evolve organically through team activities, collaboration, and other in-real-life (IRL) shared experiences. The time teams spend together gives them a sense of purpose and belonging. Building a remote team culture can also happen organically, but it requires more deliberate thought. Here are some ways to build a company culture in the hybrid world:

  • Host digital events - Workshops and team-building exercises can still be done in the digital space. Happy hours are fun, but you can get creative with these virtual events.
  • Utilize surveys - Get a pulse on your employees’ interests and what kinds of things they want out of the company.
  • Host lunch and learn sessions - Have social lunches through engaging presentations to share knowledge and build connections.
  • Recognize employees during meetings

Boost Your Company Culture with Our Fit-Out Services

If your company has transitioned to a hybrid work environment, we can lend a helping hand in boosting your company culture. We have over 20 years of experience in the commercial real estate space and can leverage our fit-out expertise to support your growth goals.

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