Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath is one of the biggest challenges businesses will face in our time. In order to keep employees safe while continuing to operate, many offices have gone remote. As more and more Americans are starting to get vaccinated, you may be wondering how to safely bring employees back to the office. Today, we’re covering things you should consider when returning to the office after COVID-19.
Moving offices is no easy feat. It’s a challenging project that requires meticulous organization and proactive planning months in advance. In addition to giving yourself ample time to move, using an office moving checklist can help ensure a smooth and successful relocation. In today’s blog, we’ve created a go-to guide to ensure you don’t overlook any of the important details when planning for your office move. Stick with these handy steps and you’ll be well on your way to a seamless transition for your team.
Moving offices is a huge project that’s often made more complex by strict deadlines. Between setting a schedule and selecting vendors to engaging employees and successfully setting up your new space, there’s a lot that goes into a successful transition. To avoid a stressful office relocation, you’ll want to create an office moving timeline at least 12-18 months before moving. And in this moving guide, we’ll detail exactly what you need to prepare for each deadline several months in advance. Tips to a Successful Office Moving Timeline 12-18 months before your move This might seem like a long way out…
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