There has been a major shift in working styles ever since the pandemic pushed many employees to transition towards remote work. With vaccination rates increasing across the country, many employees have begun to trickle back into their normal office routines. However, the pandemic has had lasting effects on nearly every aspect of our society, including office layout and design. As such, we’re outlining the top post-pandemic office design trends to implement in your own workspace.
When working for a corporation or a large company, you may not have the time to jump through real estate hoops when it comes to leasing or moving spaces. Finding the right fit for your commercial real estate (CRE) needs at a reasonable cost can be challenging and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As corporate real estate experts, we provide transaction management services to provide a seamless transition for your company.
Are you looking to downsize your office space or reshape your furniture standards to accommodate a more hybrid working landscape? If you're looking for the best ways to get rid of your used office furniture in Denver, then we're here to help! At Lavoro Consulting, our office fit-out specialist has prepared the top three ways to go about your used furniture removal. 3 Great Ways to Get Rid of Used Office Furniture in Denver With the office closures and downsizing that has come with the pandemic, there is an influx of old and used office furniture on the market. Because…
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