Navigating the world of commercial real estate can be complex. Whether you’re interested in leasing new office space or buying industrial warehouses, having an experienced commercial real estate consultant on your side can save you a significant amount of time and money. If you’ve started your search for a new space, you already know how time-consuming it can be. However, with a limited portfolio and infrequent projects, having a dedicated real estate professional on-staff is probably out of your budget. That’s where commercial real estate consulting comes in.
Poor workspace design can lead to low morale, stress, and even dips in productivity. And believe it or not, a whopping 97% of professionals say their current office design has drained their ability to focus to some extent. And nearly 50% said the existing design “heavily impacts” their productivity. Whether you’re moving offices or remodeling your current space, a successful office fit-out is key to an impressively executed commercial space.
Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath is one of the biggest challenges businesses will face in our time. In order to keep employees safe while continuing to operate, many offices have gone remote. As more and more Americans are starting to get vaccinated, you may be wondering how to safely bring employees back to the office. Today, we’re covering things you should consider when returning to the office after COVID-19.
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